Cultural Heritage Project Recommendations

The Cultural Heritage Project recommendations were reviewed at the September 12 Community Working Group (CWG) meeting. Comments submitted favored Theme 2, the train-related concept, although it was noted that this idea could only be implemented under certain conditions related to Resolution’s processing plant and tailings locations; therefore, the group agreed that this should not be the only suggestion put forward.
There was discussion about combining the concepts from Theme 1 and Theme 3. Members suggested that the elements of theses themes could be developed over longer periods of time, with the innovation center being the best possibility for spurring economic development, and the train being the least likely and farthest out in the future.
Mayor Mila Besich observed that the CWG has developed three themes, and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Town and Resolution Copper asked for 3-5, so this exercise has been very helpful in focusing the feasibility studies. She emphasized that anything that’s done will likely take quite a bit of time and will likely be staged. For immediate sustainability, the plan must be phased in. A goal of the Town of Superior is to provide higher education, so it will take time to build relationships with universities like UA, ASU or Colorado School of Mines. It was suggested that we start with something that can be done now. The town noted that there are immediate needs in the next 2-5 years, so we should look for opportunities to combine these concepts with short-term projects as well. The Mayor gave a hypothetical example of adding a second story to a planned library that could serve as an innovation center.
The CWG agreed to put these three concepts forward to the joint Resolution/Town of Superior committee, and those representatives confirmed that the concepts would be sufficient as a starting point for evaluations. They may take elements of these to create additional concepts, as well.
Rebuild Superior, Inc. and the Community Working Group thank EVERYONE that participated in meetings and/or posted their preferences for the Cultural Heritage Project. #TogetherWeAreSuperior