2020 Rebuild Board of Directors

Rebuild Superior, Inc. (RSI) is pleased to announce its new officers for 2020: (starting top left and going clockwise int the photo) President Manny Guzman, Vice President Rick Cartier, Treasurer Sue Anderson and Secretary Tiffany Rowell.   RSI is committed to bringing together residents, business leaders and allies of Superior, Arizona to build a bright future for the community.  We are proud partners with the Town of Superior, Superior Chamber of Commerce and the Superior Unified School District.
The Board is working on long-term planning in the areas of Blight Mitigation, Art and Culture, Marketing and Economic Development.  Our current projects include the USDA Housing Preservation Project that has made it possible for several residents to put new roofs on their homes, the Multi-Generation Center at the Roosevelt School site and clean-up projects in different areas of town, most-recently along historic Pinal Avenue.

Rebuild Board September 2019

The Rebuild Superior Board of Directors held its monthly meeting Monday, Sept. 23, 2019. Town Manager Todd Pryor briefed the Board on the Resolution Copper Draft EIS and encouraged the Board to study the document and provide its own feedback to the US Forest Service. The Housing Preservation Grant Selection Committee has chosen houses that will receive roofing repairs shortly. Additionally, the USDA is awarding additional funds for home repairs in Superior. Finally, the Board discussed further work on Pinal Avenue to paint houses in the neighborhood. #TogetherWeAreSuperiorAZ

Farmers’ Market at Superior Food Court


As part of the Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition’s Food Hub project, a seasonal, locally-focused Farmers’ Market will be launched on June 14th at Superior’s newly-renovated Food Court!
This season’s Market will be held on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, June thru Sept, 4pm-8pm.

The Food Hub was created via a grant from the USDA for local Copper Corridor independent farmers and food producers to create marketplaces and opportunities for selling their wares and to educate about healthy food. More info re: the Food Hub:www.goodfoodfindsaz.com.

All local independent farmers, home gardeners, and food producers are invited and encouraged to become a vendor in this Superior marketplace as well as the Farmer’s Market in Dudleyville (1st and 3rd Fridays, 9-Noon).

This retail venue is the perfect revenue generator for small-scale farmers, growers and food producers. If needed, our local Food Hub team can assist you in getting your goods ready for market. The Superior Community Kitchen (SCK) at the Senior Center can be rented as a certified commercial kitchen to prepare items such as jams, jellies, salsas, tamales, and other prepared foods.

A SCK handbook with use guidelines is available at Town Hall.

Come join us as part of the Superior Desert Foods Collective to help the Food Hub set roots in our community, and grow to supply an abundance of healthy food to the entire Copper Corridor!

Want to be a vendor? Know someone who does? Got questions? Contact me, your local Food Hub Liaison: Mary Karlin, mary4cheese@gmail.com or text to 707-337-5055 for details. Market Vendor Application forms are available now.

An Informational Meeting for interested parties will be held May 30th @ 5:00, Besich Park. Market Manager Holly Brantley will be on site to answer questions and accept applications.
Spread the word. See you there!

Fundraising Success!

Rebuild Superior had two fundraisers and both ran in April 2019. $776 was raised through the Arizona Gives Day campaign. This was an excellent amount due to the fact that Rebuild Superior needed to put a greater effort into promoting the A Community Thrives fundraiser in order to qualify to compete for large community development grants. The goal was $3,000 and and $3,675 was raised through the A Community Thrives website. The funds  raised in both campaigns will be used for the Pinal Avenue Project currently underway. A deep thanks to everyone who has invested in the future of Superior, Arizona.

A Community Thrives Grants Opportunity

Crowdrise is a fundraising site for many purposes. In this case, it is being used for “A Community Thrives – USA Today” grant competition. Rebuild Superior has entered the competition and must raise at least $3,000 in order to be considered for any of the grants from USA Today.  The funds must be raised on this website between March 18 and April 12, from individuals using a credit card only, for Rebuild Superior to be able to compete for a grant. Please consider making a donation on or before April 12, 2019 at the Crowdrise site.