Fairview Cemetery Cleanup Photos

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, there was a good turnout to work on cleaning up the Fairview Cemetery between 6 am and 9 am. Another cleanup is in the planning stages. Photos by Rick Cartier.

Legends of Superior Trails Map Debut

Debut of LOST Map!! The Legends of Superior Trails inauguration was postponed due to the coronavirus. However, here is the new map with all segments of the LOST Trail. LOST thanks the National Parks Services Waters and Trails Grant and the Town of Superior. In the future, a printed version will be available.Rebuild Superior, Inc. is a participant in the Supeiror Waters & Trails group. 

Fairview Cemetery Cleanup

Mayor Mila Besich thanks Rebuild Superior for scheduling a community cleanup at the Fairview Cemetery on June 27, 2020 from 6am to 9 am. . “Thank you Rebuild Superior, Inc. Arizona for leading a clean up event at the Fairview Cemetery-Town of Superior.”

If you are able to attend, this event please register using the link below and bring the family. Copy the link and put it in your browser for a Google registration form.


Superior Farm-to-Fantastic Main Street Farmer’s Market

For all those who are feeling an urgency to find and procure healthy food, I hope you will find some comfort in knowing our Superior Farm-to-Fantastic Main Street Farmer’s Market is working to make that food available to you as safely and regularly as possible. 

We are investigating programs for you to be able do online shopping and payment at our FMarket. As part of the group (please encourage friends to join if they are able to use our current “pickup in Superior” system), you will be informed every Thursday of developments and food availability.

Thank you for your interest, support and patience as we develop plans to serve our and nearby communities.
We have your well-being in mind with every step we make.

If you have specific questions for me or to learn how to access the order system, email me:

For today, stay safe and sane.
Mary Karlin
Superior F2FFM Coordinator
and Copper Communities Food Hub Coordinator.

2020 Rebuild Board of Directors

Rebuild Superior, Inc. (RSI) is pleased to announce its new officers for 2020: (starting top left and going clockwise int the photo) President Manny Guzman, Vice President Rick Cartier, Treasurer Sue Anderson and Secretary Tiffany Rowell.   RSI is committed to bringing together residents, business leaders and allies of Superior, Arizona to build a bright future for the community.  We are proud partners with the Town of Superior, Superior Chamber of Commerce and the Superior Unified School District.
The Board is working on long-term planning in the areas of Blight Mitigation, Art and Culture, Marketing and Economic Development.  Our current projects include the USDA Housing Preservation Project that has made it possible for several residents to put new roofs on their homes, the Multi-Generation Center at the Roosevelt School site and clean-up projects in different areas of town, most-recently along historic Pinal Avenue.