Mission / Vision

Our Values

Community              People           Family           Friends          Mountains

Authenticity            Quiet              Nature            Hard Work     Resilience

Listening                   Trust             Gratitude           Partnerships

RSI values working with individuals and organizations to promote a sustainable, high quality of life where Superior residents and visitors alike place high value on, and enjoy, its culture, its unique history, its natural beauty and its promising future.

Our Vision

RSI is the champion for the economic and community needs of residents and the protector of the authentic character of the community of Superior.

Our Mission

To develop diversified neighborhood and housing options, educational and economic investment opportunities and to enhance the quality of life for residents for generations to come.

Our Strategic Areas of Focus

Priority Area 1: Organizational Development and Effectiveness

Priority Area 2: Community Enhancement

Priority Area 3: Economic Development

Rebuild Superior works directly in support of the Superior Food Bank.