Mission / Vision

Rebuild Superior’s mission / vision for the next few years which will be updated as we move forward.

In five years, Superior is on its path to becoming a unique rural Town with strengthened historic community affinities and a solid, more diverse, business and employment base that is counter-cyclical to extractive industries, that has built upon its assets—its creative, hard-working people of all ages, its natural resources, its focused organizations, etc.—to rebuild and reinvent itself for the 21st century.

(1) Blight mitigation activities—in all its myriad implications for complex redevelopment — have improved the community.

(2) Economic development to diversify the business community and to create jobs has proceeded. Building on assets such as Resolution Copper’s supplier chains and presenting “shovel-ready” sites at the airport, the Town’s industrial areas and the downtown, the community has diversified its businesses and is adding a mid-priced hotel.

(3) The Multi-Generational Center that responds to identified community interests, needs and entrepreneurship, has been built at Town Hall.

(4) The waste water treatment plant is upgraded; its capacities expanded.

(5) Marketing the community to build cohesiveness internally and to present a better view to the outside public has shown success as dilapidated housing has decreased from 67 (2017) to less than 30 and rental housing vacancies are very low.

(6) The tax structure for the Town Government has stabilized so service delivery to residents and businesses has improved; and

(7) Public art projects are regularized along with the successful community-wide Chamber-sponsored & other community events which have expanded and attracted several thousands of tourists each year.