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About Rebuild Superior


Rebuild Superior, Inc is a nonprofit, nimble, action-driven organization that has the vision and commitment to start and manage both short & long-term projects with extended implementation periods, and at the same time communicate with our community and react quickly to new challenges and opportunities.


Our Mission is to be the champion for economic and community needs of residents and to enhance the quality of life for generations to come.

Superior Arizona Colorful Main Street Buildings
Mural of Miner in Superior


RSI values working with individuals and organizations to promote a sustainable, high quality of life where Superior residents and visitors alike place high value on, and enjoy, its culture, its unique history, its natural beauty and its promising future.


Superior, Arizona is a vibrant and sustainable community that honors its diverse history and provides economic opportunities for all so that its unique character is celebrated and thrives.

Enjoying Downtown Superior Arizona
Rebuild Superior Logo


On behalf of the Board of Directors of Rebuild Superior, Inc. (RSI), I am pleased to share our mission, vision and organizational priorities. Since 2015, Rebuild has worked on behalf of the community we love: Superior, Arizona. Each member of the board has direct ties to the town and we are committed to be an advocate for our residents and the community’s bright future.


Rural areas like ours learned long ago that in order to bring resources into our communities, we have to work together with partners and be aggressive when looking for funding opportunities from both governmental and private sources. Urban-based organizations often have teams of paid development staff that write grants for a living or engage donors on a full-time basis. Rebuild Superior, Inc. exists to make sure that Superior and the wider copper corridor is reaping the benefits of the philanthropic funding world. Our approach is more grassroots, and we know how to stretch funding opportunities to maximize impact within our community.


Superior has undergone immense changes throughout its history. Its boom-and-bust cycles have revolved around the mining industry, changing everything from demographics to median income levels to even how the community sees itself. Are we a mining town or a town with a mine?


One of the guiding principles of Rebuild has been to develop Superior’s economy in such a way that our future is less dependent on the volatility of mining politics. These past few years we have pivoted towards growing tourism, marketing the community as a unique place to visit and live. This is coordinated work with our partners like the Town of Superior, Superior Chamber of Commerce and Boyce Thompson Arboretum.


We are helping our long-term residents, especially those affected by multiple economic downturns, with fixing up their homes to ensure a good and healthy quality of life. Recently we took on the cleanup of Fairview Cemetery to honor our loved ones and make sure that visitors have a safe and positive visit to our community. Neighborhood cleanups, community gardens, and the soon-to-be-launched Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center – all these initiatives are designed to move Superior into a sustainable future.


Rebuild Superior, Inc. is proud to stand with our partners and advocate for our town. We are building systems through our non-profit that can attract real investment that moves the needle towards Superior’s prosperity. We hope you will reach out and join us in this work – Together, we are Superior!





Manuel (Manny) Guzman V

Rebuild Superior, Inc. President

Manny Guzman Rebuild President
Mountain views surrounding Superior Arizona
Rebuild Superior Icon


Manuel Guzman V – President

Jim Schenck – Treasurer

Alexis Tameron-Kinsey – Secretary

Mila Besich

Rick Cartier

Ric Chavez

Frank Moreno


Arlynn Godinez, Program Director, Superior Enterprise Center

Ioanna Morfessis, Economic Development Senior Advisor

Amy Simon, Administrative Consultant

Saundra McGarry, Americorps VISTA Member

Patty Ann Taylor, Superior Food Bank Pantry Manager

Anna Z. Campos, Housing Preservation Program Coordinator

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