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Superior's 2022 State of the Town

This year, Rebuild Superior had the honor to host the State of the Town Address which celebrated 140 years of the “Superior Spirit”. Superior was founded in 1882, 30 years before Arizona became a state. While Superior as a community dates back 140 years, it became a municipality in 1976, charting a new course that has been quite the adventure for all who have led our distinguished hometown.

"The Superior Spirit means many things to different people. It is tradition, resilience and generosity. It is Panther Pride! The Superior Spirit is friendly, kind and welcoming. When challenges arise and tragedy occurs, our community rallies to support one another. In challenging times, we draw upon our deeply embedded resilience and determination to keep Superior moving forward. If you have lived in Superior one day or if your family spans multiple generations, you know that traditions are important and are what make our community unique. Tradition and community comprise the spirit that holds us together like a brightly colored quilt." ~ Mayor, Mila Besich

This year's program featured quotes by members of Superior's community on what the "Superior Spirit" means to them.

And as a token to remember the "Superior Spirit" throughout the year and years to come, guests received a souvenir enamel pin.

Save the date for the annual State of Town coming October 5th, 2023


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